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The mission of is to provide you with the most comprehensive insight on road bike, mountain bike, BMX bike and other kinds of bicycles for your riding enjoyment.

The best place to start is by using the Bike Sizing Calculator. Simply input your height, leg inseam length and other specifications to calculate the perfect sized bike the fits your riding style. You will even receive a full sizing outline that you can download instantly. Also, see the recommended bikes that meet your criteria.

If you already know what brand or model of bike your are looking for the please read our bike reviews for additional insight from a pro. See which bike models are the most popular for the cycling that you are planning on doing.

We always encourage the biking community to give their feedback so that we can perfect our information. Please leave your comments and related experience that you think will help other users of bike sizing. Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm for BMX, mountain and road biking and we look forward to continue bringing your awesome biking information.