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How to Choose the Best Road Bike Tires

Road biking has been most popular in European countries, and of late, its popularity has spread to the Americas and recently it is now in Africa. Road bikes are most popular, given the benefits to cyclists who crouch forward to reach the handles. Road bike tire companies make a lot of money through manufacture of different types of road tires with different added benefits. It is important to know how to choose road bike tires for your road bike. Certain factors must be taken into consideration when choosing road bike tires.

The composition of road bike tires

The rubber of the road bike tire is the most important part of the entire tire. Road bike tires have both an inner and outer layer. The inner layer is made up of nylon fibers or threads, while the outer layer makes the covering of the tire. Given the fact that road bikes are essentially for speed and not comfort, therefore most bike tires have no tread, to enhance speed.

Tubular tires and clinchers

Two types of road bike tires exist, namely tubular tires and clinchers. Tubular road bike tires are mostly used by professionals. Tubular road bike tires do not have both a tube and a tire. With tubular tires, the tire sticks to the rim with glue and is way lighter. When you encounter a flat tire, it is easier to change it and much quicker. Tubular tires also lose the air slowly, giving you a safe stop. The clinchers on the other hand have both a tube and a tire. One has a choice between Presta valves and Schrader valves. With clinchers, the tire sticks to the rim differently too. Different types of clincher tires are available which roll faster and are puncture resistant. These also come cheaper than most tires, giving you good value for money.

The importance of road bike tires

With road bikes, the tires are what determine the speed of the bike and in most instances the tires are what keep the cyclist from the road, literally speaking. Investing in tires for your road bike is not only recommended but also essential. The weight of the bike for instance is not important when choosing the road bike tires. It therefore is important to choose road bike tires that are cost effective, light and puncture resistant, depending on your needs and interests. It may also be wise to choose tires that emit air slowly to allow you safer stopping in the event of a puncture.

Choosing your road bike tires must be done carefully

Choosing your road bike tire is as involving and as important as choosing your bike. The same level of care and research must be expended with choosing tires. This way, you avoid nasty surprises along the way and stand to gain from the whole experience. A little information gained always goes a long way and makes a difference.

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