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Rocky Mountain Element Bikes Reviews

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Rocky Mountain bicycles are known for being able to handle almost all terrains. This Canadian company has been producing high-end mountain bikes since 1981 and, with more than thirty years of experience, you can be sure that they know what they are doing. From desert to actual mountains, long climbs, twisty tracks, and difficult to navigate tracks filled with roots and rocks, you can be sure that the Rocky Mountain Element series can deliver.


Rocky Mountain Element 970 Bike – 2012

This model is impressively fast and is what pro XC racers use to leave the competition behind. A rear end that is impressively stiff and a high-quality aluminum frame that is incredibly light means that this model is designed to get you on the podium. Its components are top of the line with some standouts being the ABC angular contact polymer bushing system, FORM 7005 Series hydroformed alloy tubes, and ultralight Rock shox suspension.

Rocky Mountain Element 930 Bike – 2012

All mountain bikers know that when you buy a mountain bike, you are really buying a frame. The Rocky Mountain Element 930 gives you the very best frame Rocky Mountain has to offer without breaking the bank. With reliable components designed for durability, this is an excellent entry-level racing bike that you can keep upgrading while getting the best possible frame from the very start.

Rocky-Mountain-Element-70-RSL-Bike-2012Rocky Mountain Element 70 RSL Bike – 2012

Cross country fanatics will absolutely love the Rocky Mountain Element 70 RSL. This bike is incredibly responsive and stable while at the same time providing great efficiency. Its carbon chassis is durable and light, balancing strength and weight to give you the best of both worlds. Top of the line components mean that this bike is ready for a tough cross country trek right off the shelf.

Rocky-Mountain-Element-70-MSL-Bike-2012Rocky Mountain Element 70 MSL Bike – 2012

If one thing can be said about the Rocky Mountain Element 70 MSL is that it is speedy. Its carbon fiber frame is made for racing and with an impressive 120 millimeters of travel, you can be sure that this bike goes downhill like a dream

All in all, the Rocky Mountain Element series is considered as a great entry level bike for racing enthusiasts that offers the best possible frame in this price range. These bikes upgrade well and offer impressive performance right off the shelf.  The amazing frame in these bikes makes up for lower-end components.

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