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Rocky Mountain Flatline Reviews

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Rocky Mountain Bicycles is a world-renowned manufacturer of Mountain Bikes and accessories. Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, the company was founded in 1981 and features a range of high-quality bikes. In fact, its Rocky Mountain Flatline series is heralded for its optimal performance and speed. These innovative bikes are also the preferred choice for thousands of professional and amateur cyclists. With durable Frames and a myriad of Bike styles, Rocky Mountain showcases over 30 different models and units. From downhill to cross-country bikes, each model is individually designed to meet customer needs within time and budget. The Rocky Mountain line has also won a score of awards, and has been featured in Olympic and North American bike races.


Rocky Mountain Flatline Professional Bike

When it comes to maximum performance, the Rocky Mountain Flatine Pro Bike is it. This 2012 model features patented suspension design, which keeps the center of gravity low. Bicyclists will also love its ultra-efficient ride, which entails smoother turning and improved control options. This gravity-fueled bike also requires little to no maintenance. This is courtesy of its double row contract bearings, along with linear suspension rates. Whether its steep hills or jagged peaks, the flatline series is simply designed to deliver. Users also have access to improved shock absorption, which is perfect for intricate courses and trails. The hand built wheel-set is incredibly durable, while the tubeless Swiss rims secure peak performance rates across the board.


Rocky Mountain Flatline Park Bike

The Rocky Mountain Flatline Park Bike is also perfect for steep hill riding. With patented suspension, this 2012 bike features faster turning capabilities and improved functionality. This includes and MRP chain-guide, which secures fast and reliable shift changes. Cyclists will also enjoy it superior brake and pedal controls, while experiencing a bottomless feel via its linear suspension rate. Enhanced shock performance is also perfect for any DH or winding biking course. With abuse-ready wheels, the Rocky Mountain Flatline Park Bike consists of a SRAM X-5 drive train. This is guaranteed to accentuate any maneuvers, while enhancing speed and control in multiple environments. The bike also requires little maintenance.

Market Ratings

According to industry reviews and customer testimonials, the Rocky Mountain Flatline series offers exceptional quality and performance. The Pro Bike model has received 5 stars on several cycling venues and forums. This is mainly due to the bikes handling, which requires little to no modification. Similarly, the Park Bike has received stellar reviews for its steep hill control. In fact, many people refer to these bikes as downhill rockets with unsurpassed speed and agility.

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