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Rocky Mountain Slayer Reviews

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Rocky Mountain has been producing high-end mountain bikes since 1981. With more than 30 years of experience, this company is one of the pioneers of West Coast mountain biking. Rocky Mountain bikes are a mainstay of pro circuits and are a common sight in most races. There’s a reason for this, they are well built and have great frames. The Rocky Mountain Slayer series in particular, while a bit on the heavy side, is great for trails and can handle almost all environments and terrain types.


Rocky Mountain Slayer 70 Bike – 2012

Combining the best of both worlds, this model has great travel while also being light enough to handle racing and speed. The Rocky Mountain Slayer series is a bit on the heavy side. However, the Slayer 70 model is designed to ride well and is guaranteed not to weight you down. Its Straight Up geometry, featured in the Rocky Mountain Slayer series in general, will also ensure that you maintain a comfortable, ergonomically correct riding position in order to help you get the best power and traction.


Rocky Mountain Slayer 50 Bike – 2012

If there is something that can be said about the Rocky Mountain Slayer 50 is that it is fun to ride. Bikers have reported that this bike has impressive stiffness, great suspension, and will tear up through all kinds of terrain. Hydroformed aluminum tubing and strength-optimized yokes will also ensure that your chassis is strong and light. This is a powerful bike that is great for harsh trails.


Rocky Mountain Slayer SXC 50 Bike

The Rocky Mountain Slayer SCX 50 model is probably the only bike you will ever need. Impressively versatile, this bike can handle almost any terrain. Thanks to its Straight Up geometric design, you will find yourself handling climbs you could never handle before while taking descents with impressive speed. This bike handles well and strikes a good balance between lightness and strength.

All in all, the Rocky Mountain Slayer series is nice to look at, rides great, and works on most terrains. For an all-mountain bike, it even handles the road quite well. Although a bit on the heavy side, the Rocky Mountain Slayer series is versatile and can do pretty much everything. If this is your first all-mountain bike, you will find yourself doing things you would never have thought you could handle. Its components are top of the line, for its price range, and most users have reported that it is simply a joy to ride.

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