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Rocky Mountain Vertex Bike Reviews

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Rocky Mountain bicycles have been around for more than thirty years. This company has plenty of experience and, since their beginnings in the basement of a bike shop in Vancouver, have shown passion, quality, and innovation. Ranging from excellent beginning mountain bikes to models featured in professional circuits, Rocky Mountain bicycles have it all.


Rocky Mountain Vertex 950 Bike 2012

The Rocky Mountain Vertex 950 uses very short chainstays and a rear wheel that is practicaly under the rider, meaning that it is insanely fun to drive and has very responsive handling. Add to that a great wheelset and RockShox squish and you’ve got a very smooth ride. With 29er-optimized SRAM 2 x 10 gear ratios, you will quickly find the ideal gear ratio for you.


Rocky Mountain Vertex 970 RSL Bike – 2012

This Rocky Mountain Vertex model is a pure XC bike. With a carbon fiber frame and great components, this is a fast and whippy bicycle. One of the strong points of the whole Rocky Mountain Vertex line is its impressive stiffness, and the 970 RSL is no exception. With a one kilogram frame, this is a fast, lightweight bike with great handling.


Rocky Mountain Vertex RSL 50 XC Bike

The hardtail is incredibly relevant today and leaving many full suspension XC bikes in the dust. This model has an impressively light carbon frame with great downhill capabilities and nearly no difficulties when going uphill. This hardtail is great for cross country trails and is what the pros use.

Rocky Mountain Vertex RSL 70 XC Bike

The RSL 70 will obliterate all the bumps in your road. Amazing acceleration combined with great handling as well as a carbon fiber frame that is both light and durable. The parts list in this bike is impressive FOX 32 F100 RL fork, 15QR axle, and Shimano XT/Raceface drivetrain. Altogether, this model is the fastest in the Rocky Mountain Vertex line.

Rocky Mountain Vertex bikes are generally considered to be excellent entry level mountain bikes. In their price range, both the carbon fiber and aluminum frames are top of the line and, as most bikers know, when you are buying a mountain bike for the first time, what you are really purchasing is a good frame. Rocky Mountain Vertex bikes offer stiff, high-quality frames at an affordable price and can be easily upgraded to suit different needs with better, more expensive components.

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