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Santa Cruz Blur Bicycles Reviews

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Santa Cruz is a company that has impressive mountain bike. With 19 different models, using both aluminum and carbon fiber frames and a wide range of components and manufacturing processes, Santa Cruz has bikes for all different tastes and needs. The Santa Cruz Blur line is Santa Cruz’s high-end racing model, allowing for maximum speed and only the best components.

Santa-Cruz-Bicycles-Blur-TRc-RXC-Build-Kit-2012Santa Cruz Bicycles Blur TRc – R XC Build Kit 2012

This Santa Cruz Blur model fills the gap between the XC model, designed for durability and speed, and the LT model, designed for maximum impact absorption. In this Santa Cruz Blur model, a balance is struck between travel and handling of rougher terrain. Comfortable and well balanced, you will quickly fall in love with this bike. Santa Cruz’s impressive one-piece carbon fiber manufacturing makes this bike both lightweight and durable. This model features 2nd-generation Virtual Pivot Point suspension, Mavic XM117 rims, DT Swiss 14 gauge spokes. Shimano XT hubs, Float RP3 rear shock, and a Shimano Dyna-Sys 30-speed drivetrain.

Santa-Cruz-Bicycles-Blur-LTc-SPX-AM-Build-2012Santa Cruz Bicycles Blur LTc – SPX AM Build 2012

Can you make a Santa Cruz Blur LT stronger and lighter? Yes you can. This model uses a revolutionary frame building procedure that reduces its weight while making it considerably stronger. No material is wasted in this bike’s frame and it is one full pound lighter than the Santa Cruz Blur LT while being a considerable upgrade in nearly every other aspect. This bike’s high-end components make it ready for racing right off the rack.

SantaCruz-Bicycles-Blur-LTc-R-AM-2012Santa Cruz Bicycles Blur LTc – R AM 2012

The Santa Cruz Blur line is already legendary in its own. This model, however, makes it lighter, stiffer, and much stronger. You would think that this would add extra weight. However, this bike is one full pound lighter than the previous Santa Cruz Blur LT! With great downhill capabilities and amazing pedaling efficiency, you will be leaving your friends in the dust.

Most bikers agree, the Santa Cruz Blur line is amazing. Fast, durable, and easy to handle. If anything bad can be said about the Santa Cruz Blur line is that the pivot bearings may need frequent servicing, a small price to pay for such an amazing (if a bit expensive) model. However, if you are serious about mountain bikes, the Santa Cruz Blur line probably contains your dream bike.


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