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Santa Cruz Superlight Bike Reviews

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Santa Cruz Bicycles is a company that is well known for the passion they have for their products. Since their very first model, the Tazmon, they have broken barriers and helped advance mountain bike technology in order make sure that bikers have only the very best high performance bikes in the world. There are 19 models of Santa Cruz mountain bicycles, in both carbon fiber or aluminum frames. With a great variety of components, these bikes are both versatile and of the best possible quality.


Santa Cruz Bicycles Superlight 29 R XC Complete Bike

This model of the Santa Cruz Superlight is dependable, fast, and quite a lot of fun to ride. This model is great for racing and is a high-end alternative without breaking the bank. Known for its great single pivot design, the Santa Cruz Superlight series can make you feel confident that you are riding a high-quality model. While some manufacturers have shifted away from single pivot designs, the Santa Cruz Superlight series highlights why these are still relevant. Single pivot suspension is predictable, giving better handling. It is also light and easier to maintain due to the fact that there is only one pivot that needs cleaning and maintenance.


Santa Cruz Bicycles Superlight D XC Complete Bike

This Santa Cruz Superlight model combines the best of the Superlight series with the XC genus. While the Blur is now Santa Cruz’s best racing bicycle, the Santa Cruz Superlight series allows bikers to race on a budget. This bike is simple and effective with a single pivot suspension design that can handle most bumps while being reliable and comfortable to use. This Santa Cruz Superlight model striked the perfect balance between lightness, reliability, handling, and stability.


Santa Cruz Bicycles Superlight 29 D XC Complete Bike

Biking can be an expensive hobby, if you want to do it right. However, this Santa Cruz Superlight model proves that you can still have a reliable, well-performing bicycle without having to spend your life’s savings. Like other Santa Cruz Superlight models, this model has a great single pivot design that gives you great performance and racing capabilities. This model is also easy to upgrade and it is nearly impossible to find a hardtail that weighs less than thirty pounds at anything near this price.

All in all, Santa Cruz Superlight models are fantastic bikes for bikers on a budget and can get considerably better by upgrading their components. The single pivot design is a classic for a reason and most bikers will be happy with Santa Cruz Superlight mountain bicycles.

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